Community based care

46637337-elder-man-and-carer-in-the-parkThe connection of the service to the area appeals to many of the service user as there is a sense of community from carers whether they are from the area or from elsewhere, carers employed have the same type of approach to carrying out their role. Continuity of care was also regarded as a key part of Ballymun Home Support Services.
“We were very much a community service so everything that was going on in the community we were a part of.”
Sr. Lena, Organiser

“They have done stuff beyond their call, beyond their brief. Why? because they live local, they are responsible to the community and they do everything with and heart and a half.”
P. Allen

“It doesn’t really matter whether they are local or non-local people, they are always the same types of people. The carers have formed such a strong relationship over 12 years and could never let anything happen to her. They can be phoned at a moment notice and come in because they’re local.”
P. Breen, Son of service user

“I walk around Shanliss, Santry and all that area every day and you get to know the neighbours around. You might get to know somebody and a year later you’re in with them. They kind of know your face from going around and say I seen you walking around. So you get to know people around the area.”